Old Pound Smithy

Old Pound Smithy

Set in the stunning North Devon countryside, just two miles from the startling, rugged coast and cliffs, sits Old Pound Smithy, a ‘Crafts Hotel‘,  that mixes unique luxury living spaces and glamping, with immersive creative experiences.

This is the home of Artist Blacksmith, Bex Simon and her husband Dave.  Together they have created Old Pound Smithy, a blacksmithing adventure like no other.  Prepare to walk into a world of bulging leather bellows feeding raging fires; steel, glowing red and orange; sparks popping from the cold face of an anvil.  This is the world where you will create your own pieces of forged artwork, or knives, using the original traditional ways of the blacksmith from a time long ago.

You might get hot, and possibly sweat a lot, your muscles will probably ache, and your hands may well blister, but you will not be sorry.  By the end of your experience, you will have learned how to control the burn and heat in a fire; read the subtle signs of working hot steel, and understand the intricacies of forging techniques… But, most importantly, you will have a deep-seated sense of satisfaction.  The satisfaction derived from hours of laughter and learning; play and relaxation; nature and creativity.

After grafting under fun expert tuition, you can head back to your luxury accommodation.  Whittlers Yurt offers a truly inspired living experience, with  bohemian décor and stunning outdoor spaces, where you can soak away the day’s labour in a steaming bubbling hot tub before possibly dining out at the award-winning Farmers Arms in the village, or cooking up your own feast on the BBQ or fire.

The Bell Tents in Drifter’s Village present a more convivial environment where the shared facilities allow guests to eat and chat together, if you choose, and discuss their experiences in the forge, or simply contemplate the universe under the dark and starry skies around your own firepit at your private tent area.

In addition to all this, we have our giant Tipi area, known as the Hardy Hole, where there is a huge fire pit, for group gatherings and where we host yoga sessions. There is also a small shop on site that sells crafted gifts, as well as organic snacks, drinks, ice-creams, and firewood.

If, after all this, you are still wanting more, and have the energy to burn, why not go for a surf, at one of the nearby sandy beaches, or head out for a hike along the dramatic coastal path.

Whittlers Yurt at twilight

Whittlers Yurt

Nestled in amongst the willows and the vegetable plot, this authentic Mongolian yurt, complete with Mongolian furniture…

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Drifter’s Village

Throughout the summer season, we have four bell tents set up in their own area in Liberty Field….

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Old Pound Smithy
Blacksmith Experience Gift Voucher

There are many fantastic blacksmith courses out there, which are mostly provided by working smiths, in their working workshops, or in more formal teaching studios, and they are brilliant, after all, they are run by fellow smiths who are an amazing bunch.

However, at Old Pound Smithy, we have created something different; a bespoke environment, tailored entirely towards providing the ultimate blacksmithing experience. The Smithy has been set up in the old Pole Barn; a gnarly building of corrugated sheet and old wooden beams, right in the heart of the site – just as the ancient smithies were in the center of the village, the place villagers would come together around the warm forge.  This is off-grid, back to basics, traditional smithing, where all our tools are run by manual power, from our ancient and restored bellows, to our treadle griding stones…

This is blackmsithing in its purest form.

We provide a variety of courses from fun two-hour tasters where you will learn the basics, to two-day knife-making courses, where you will forge your own blade and make your own handle, perfect for an action-filled getaway.

Some of our courses combine different craft skills, such as the Axe making course, where we spend half of the time forging the axe head and the rest of the time making the handles. We have a team of fun and skilled smiths who will be teaching the different courses at different times. The courses and details will be posted on the bookings page well in advance, so ensure to book your places early. Course prices vary according to the number of teachers required to run each course.

A blacksmithing experience makes the perfect gift!  We also offer gift vouchers for each of our courses, or for any amount you want to contribute towards a course.

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We are proud to be a North Devon Biosphere Business Partner and to have made important commitments towards conservation, local development and awareness raising through the Biosphere Business Partner Eco-Accreditation scheme and Sustainable Business Network.  These commitments enable us to join others in protecting and improving our local environment, ensuring a thriving future for all.