Drifters Village

Old Pound Smithy
Let Your Senses Drift Away in a Glamping Bell Tent at Old Pound Smithy

Named after a ‘Drift’, the tool blacksmiths use to widen a hole in hot steel… everyone who stays here becomes a Drifter of sorts

Our luxurious bell tents aren’t just places to sleep – they’re portals to a simpler, more mindful way of being. Let the outside world drift away as you sink into hand-crafted furniture, strumming a guitar under the starlit sky, or reading a book bathed in the glow of fairy lights. Each tent is a unique haven, lovingly decorated with bohemian flair and named after blacksmithing tools – a subtle nod to the site’s heritage.

Drift off to the sound of birdsong each morning, the canvas walls billowing gently in the breeze. Step outside and take a deep breath of fresh air, the scent of wildflowers filling your lungs. Your private deck awaits, bathed in golden sunlight, the perfect spot to sip coffee and watch the world drift by.

But glamping at Old Pound Smithy is more than just peaceful solitude. It’s about connection. Drift down to The Hub, our communal space, where shared kitchens and cozy corners invite laughter and conversation. Mingle with fellow adventurers, swap stories by the crackling fire pit, or join a blacksmithing course and let your creativity take flight.

And as the day gently drifts into night, enjoy your own private fire pit next to your bell tent or gather around the huge fire pit down at the Hardy Hole, our 28ft Tipi, where you will be enveloped in the warmth of flames and friendly company. Listen to tales spun under the vast canvas of stars, let worries melt away like marshmallows in the fire, and drift into a slumber deeper than any city could ever offer.

So, if you’re yearning to escape the everyday, to reconnect with nature and yourself, let your soul drift to Old Pound Smithy. Book your glamping adventure today and discover the magic that awaits within our canvas walls. Remember, the only thing you need to pack is your sense of adventure – we’ll take care of the rest.  We can’t wait to welcome you and help you create memories that will drift with you long after your stay.

Mandrel Bell Tent

Mandrel: a tapered tool against which material can be forged, pressed, stretched or shaped.

Mandrel is Westerly facing, soaking in the evening sun and sits closest to the communal Hub building.  It is backed by tall trees, which provide dappled early morning light and a gentle rustle in the breeze.

Clinker Bell Tent

Clinker: the stony residue from burnt coal or from a furnace

Clinker is Westerly facing, soaking in the evening sun and sits in a sheltered position at the bottom of the site next to Bakers Wood and a small nature pond from where you can sit and watch the wildlife that visits.

Bolster Bell Tent

Bolster: A plate with holes to support work whilst punching and drifting.

Bolster nestles into its own little enclave within the hedgerow on the Western side of the site, which provides shelter from the prevailing breezes, making this a beautiful and tranquil spot.

Long Reach Bell Tent

Long Reach: A hammer with a long neck for reaching into tighter spaces

Long Reach sits on the highest part of the site offering long views down the valley from where you can see the massive Hardy Hole Tipi in the distance, and enjoy morning sun rises from the elevated position.


Old Pound Smithy

The Hub

Begin your adventure at The Hub, a rustic looking building, filled with everything you need for a comfortable stay.  Perfect, for if the weather turns, as you can pass away the hours reading books, playing board games or listening to old vinyl records on the 1960’s radiogram.

In the kitchen area, each bell tent has it’s own named cupboard, filled with your own set of crockery, cutlery, mugs and glasses.  The is a ceramic hob and combination oven/microwave, to knock up a quick meal if you don’t fancy cooking on your BBQ.  You will also find a kettle, and cafetiere with free organic and sustainably sourced tea and coffee to get you going in the mornings.

In the services room, there is a tall larder fridge and chest freezer, providing ample room for your perishables to be stored.

For relaxation, there is a tall book case, filled with nature books, board games, and old vinyl records, where you can lounge on the sofa, and enjoy the views across the meadow.

There are two sets of toilets and showers, each with funky reclaimed 70’s bathroom suits, and hot showers with ample hot water. Not forgetting our four legged friends, there is also a hot water ‘Doggy Douche’ with dog shampoo dispenser.

The Bell Tents

Our spacious, fully furnished  5m bell tents are a haven for 2 adults, with an option for two children as well. The bell tents sit on a raised decks with mains electric power, giving modern comforts whilst deep in nature. Feel at one with your surroundings, while enjoying stunning views from your luxurious king-size bed with electric heated blankets.  Our guests tell us that this is a real game changer when sleeping under canvas. No more cold damp feeling sheets, just toasty warm comfort beneath the plush duvet and faux fur throws.

If you would like to bring children, then we have various options.  You can either bring your own beds and bedding for them, or hire our fold-out beds with or with out bedding.

The furniture inside the bell tents is handmade from upcycled timbers and each bell tent has its own coloured theme with macrame hangings made by a local artist, bright rugs and the funkiest lights you will ever see.

Outside, the raised deck provides views of the surrounding meadows, equipped with tables and chairs, ideal for a quite breakfast.  We have optional awnings that cover the raised deck should you need more shade or shelter if the weather becomes more inclement. In addition to this, if you are not a fan of bright mornings we even have blackout over tents, which we can erect to keep the sunlight off.

In your garden area just outside your tent there is firepit, which converts to a BBQ with a cooking grill, handmade benches, and deck chairs from which you can watch the stars under the glow of the orange flames.